Projects are all custom and done on an individual basis. We work through your project with you and produce samples and prices based on the design and scope of the pieces. After receiving your deposit we will start your project. Glass needs time to heat up slowly and cool down slowly so; this takes time. If we try to move too fast; the glass will break. Each project usually takes between four and twelve weeks…a little patience is needed while we all wait for the dazzling results.

We use glass in its many forms; cullet, billets, frit, stringer, sheets and many others. These are basically all different shapes of glass. We use these in different ways to make each piece individual and unique. No two will ever be the same. Glass is placed into a mold and then heated to 1600 degrees. At this point the glass combines and fuses into one large piece. After cooling for a few days we take the piece out for finishing. It is ground and polished by hand and finally ready to deliver.

The size of the pieces is only limited by the kilns that we have in the Studio. We can make pieces up to six by twelve feet and from ¼” to 6” in thickness. The glass is very versatile can be used for all things; tables, stairways, doors, ceilings, walls, lighting, benches, countertops and even windows… too many possibilities to list. Please contact us if you would like further information or glass samples.

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